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Humble beginnings

Bakers Waste Equipment Inc. was founded in 1981, by Carson Baker, whose vision was to provide quality solid waste equipment for local haulers and small city and county governments. Over the past three decades, BWE has held a steady position as a premier manufacturer and supplier of waste handling equipment; in fact, many of the current designs in refuse containers and compactors originated with BWE.


In 2001, Bakers Waste equipment was acquired by Ric Raines, whose goal was to invest in a small, successful company that had opportunity to grow in its niche market. Improvements were made to the existing business model in regards to productivity, quality, employee accountability and customer service. Today, BWE has experienced substantial growth because of these exceptional efforts to produce quality products and offer competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Sales/Marketing Initiatives

The BWE sales team grew substantially in 2007, to improve the company’s marketplace exposure and to justify plans to add two more manufacturing facilities.

New product designs

In 2008, BWE continued to grow through new product designs, re-engineering of existing products, re-tooling and upgrading manufacturing processes, and expanding the transport division to a larger fleet of delivery trucks.

New headquarters

BWE moved all operations to Lenoir NC in 2014. Get more information about our new location here.

Currently, BWE is well positioned to gain even more market share in the future and will continue its business plan to expand and serve the ever growing waste and recycling industry.