Bakers Waste Equipment Inc (BWE) designs and manufactures “sludge dewatering” roll off containers which provide an efficient, one step process for containing or dewatering all types of liquid waste.

Applications include septic waste, grease sludge, grit, hazardous waste, lagoon sludge, fly ash, and more.

These containers accommodate the growing trends to reduce waste volumes to treatment facilities and allow reclamation of the solids for permitted land applications.  Dewatered solids can be land applied or disposed of at a land fill.

Sludge Dewatering containers provide an economical, efficient way to process liquid waste onsite saving transportation costs and waste water treatment facility fees.


Sludge Dewatering containers are designed with an internal filter structure that is bolted in and removable.  The internal filter panels are available in epoxy coated mild steel, galvanized steel, and ultimately stainless steel.  The sump areas of the container have a 2 part epoxy protective coating applied for durability and chemical resistance.

Center walls are also available increasing the filtered drain surface area for quicker dewatering.

Built with universal roll off understructures and cable lift capabilities

Capacities in 15, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard designs

Optimal roof covers, baffles, and splash guards upon request

Water tight 3 ratchet sealed sludge gate

Containers available with permanent filter media on interior walls / floors or with liner hook to accommodate disposable filter liners



Sides 12 gauge steel
Floors 3/16″ steel
Cross Members
3″ structural channel on 16″ centers
Side Rib Supports
3 x 5 channel on 38″ centers
Top Rails
4 x 3 x 11 gauge tubing
Main Longsill Rails
2 x 6 x 1/4″ tubing
Gate Sealed “Water Tight” Gate w/ 3 ratchet closures
Ground Wheels
(4) 8 x 6 wheels
Bull Nose
1.5″ thick steel
Nose Rollers
4 x 6 rollers w/ grease zerks
Cable Hook
1.5” thick steel integrated and welded into the substructure
Coatings Z600 epoxy protective coating on interior, primer outside 2.0 mils + industrial enamel finish to 2.0 mils
Hinges adjustable gate hinges w/ ratchet
 Drain Ports (2) 3” drain ports per side w/ caps and triangle guards
 Clean Out Ports (2) 3” clean out ports – hook end / front panel
 Tarp Roll Over Tarp w/ crank, ratchet ties, and bow
 Filter  Steel filter structure w/ center wall on interior (removable)
 Interior filter structure available in epoxy coated mild steel, galvanized, and stainless steel
 w/ permanent filter media (345-435 mm water permeability)