Front Load Containers

Why are more and more refuse haulers looking to BWE for their Front Load Containers?

Innovative designs, high quality steel construction, competitive pricing, and dependable delivery……providing waste haulers the edge they need to grow and be profitable

Standard and Heavy Duty Models available in 2 through 10 cubic yards

Fully welded interior for a 100% leak proof container

Main Body Styles include Flat Top w/ Hatchback (Notchback), Flat Top w/ Square Back, and Slant Top (all equipped w/ single or double wall plastic lids)

For added durability and corrosion resistance, BWE includes an exclusive “Bakers Guard” Protective Coating on the full interior and exterior understructure

BWE front load containers meet ANSI safety specifications and dimensions


  • High Quality
  • Innovative Designs
  • Durable High Impact Lids
  • Interior Protective Coating
  • Built To Last!


“The BWE Design” Front Load Containers

“The BWE Design” is a premium designed front load container that matches or surpasses all standard ANSI specifications found in units offered in the market today, plus additional, innovative features which can extend the useful life significantly beyond that of an average container. These units are still competitively priced to maximize container value. The exclusive “Bakers Guard” protective coating which is applied to the full interior and exterior understructure, provides extra durability and extended life saving companies money in refurbishment and bottom replacement costs. Additionally, the Impact Single Wall Lid is more durable and lasts longer than any double wall lid available.

Detailed FEL Product Features

  • 10 ga Bottoms
  • 12 ga Sides
  • V – Crimps in front / rear panels
  • 7 ga Blunderbuss Fork Guides and 10ga channel sleeves w/ vertical gussets and no-step plates
  • All Top Channel Corners are interlocking providing extra strength
    • Sides – 10 ga “W” channel
    • Front – 12 ga “G” channel
    • Rear – 3/16” structural channel
  • Bump Pads are 18” tall, 7 ga steel w/ 1½” diameter rounded front
  • Full length Bottom Channels w/end caps (2 x 4 x 10ga)
  • 16 ga metal side doors w/ lock tabs
  • 1.5” drain and plastic plug
  • ½” hinge rods and 3/16” lid rod brackets
  • Fully welded seams – No-Leak Guarantee
  • Bakers Guard protective coating inside container with a full 8 mil thickness at the bottom, tapering to 3 – 4 mils at the top. Outside bottoms plus 3 to 4” to cover weld seams at bottom of walls.
  • Outside coated with primer and topcoat. Paint is solvent (not water) base with UV resistant Industrial Enamel. 24 standard colors
  • ANSI Z245 compliant
  • Include Front Corner Structural Angle and Rear Corner Gussets for maximum container rigidity
  • Notch Back design provides lid support reducing lid fatigue
  • Notch Front design on 8yds provide extra cab clearance and protection
  • Newly designed “Blunderbuss” sleeves for durability and easier access
  • Integral side/door track to reduce damage and to avoid rust stains
  • Impact Plastics Single Wall Lids w/ re-enforced lid rod “knuckles” – more durable and last longer than double wall lids
  • 1 year warranty on container and 7 year warranty on Impact lids


An Exclusive Protective Guard for your Containers

This exclusive, rust inhibiting coating is a blend of asphalt petroleum and coal tar pitch materials and resins dispersed in petroleum solvents. Bakers Guard combines good abrasion resistance with good anti-corrosion properties. Bakers. When applied to metal surfaces, a barrier film is formed, thereby extending the useful life of the treated metal. This is a fast drying firm coating. The formula is environmentally friendly and has been tested with the following results:

Performance testing reflects coating on unpolished Q panels with 7 day air-dried films at 2 mils dry.

Dry Film Firm
Dry-to-Handle at room temperature, ASTM D1640 To touch – 10 min; tack-free
45 mins
Chemical Stability Good
Salt Spray, ASTM B117, 250 Hours @ 2 mils <3/32 inch creep @ scribe
                                        500 hours @ 4 mils <3/32 inch creep @ scribe
Fire Resistance, Dry Film Self Extinguishing
Humidity Resistance, ASTM D2247, 250 Hours Pass
Alkali Resistance Good

BWE applies this coating to the full interior of front load containers to a 8mil thickness at the bottom, then tapering to 4 mil up the sides to the top. Additionally, the coating is applied to the exterior understructure for corrosion protection against external elements.


Buying Lids is Cheap, Replacing Lids is Expensive!

The first three benefits help reduce the most common 3 damage areas on container lids.

1. Impact’s lids are vacuum formed. This process produces a lid that is superior to lids made from the traditional blow molding process. There is no seam on Impact’s lids, as opposed to the blow molded lids that have a seam around the whole perimeter including the hingeline. If your pants were to split, where would they split? We see lids cracked at the seams in every yard we visit, have you? What about lifting a lid and having water spill out the sides?

2. Impact’s Hingeline. Our 36″ X 58″ (6 & 8 yard) front load lids have 6 hinge knuckles. Compare that to your current lid, our competitors typically remove plastic by having only 3. Also, our 6 knuckles do not have a seam running through them. Most importantly, our exclusive Double Impact Lid is the only lid in the waste industry with double thickness at the hingeline. Please visit your heap to see for yourself all the damage at the hingeline on your current lids. Do you know what we’re talking about? The Double Impact can help eliminate that issue!

3. Impact’s lid are not designed to bend in the center (and eventually crack), but instead designed to distribute stress, and not break in half. Even after truck compaction the lid springs back without a plastic failure or stress point. That stress point common with our competitors lids creates that thin white line on the lid that makes bending and cracking even easier. The result is Impact lids stay on your dumpster and not in your dumpster! How many lids in your heap are broken in half?

This next benefit is for longevity.

4. We blend a 7 year UVI (Ultraviolet Inhibitor) package in the plastic compound that allows the lid to hold up to harsh sunlight and in bitter cold temperatures. Our UVI additive is far superior to the carbon black process used by many lid manufacturers that typically protects the lid for less than one year. Look at your lids that have been on a can for 1 summer. Do they look faded? Ours won’t!

The final benefit is unmatched in our industry.

5. The four reasons above combine to create an offering that results in Impact’s lids outlasting other lid manufacturer’s product’s 5-7 times! We realize lids do break and Impact stands behind their product like no other competitor in this industry. And we back it up, We offer a 7 YEAR WARRANTY if the lid does fail. What is your current warranty?

BOTTOM LINE: Your maintenance department will be purchasing and replacing fewer lids! This significantly lowers maintenance costs. We at Impact hear of this savings from our haulers over and over again, and this is why a vast majority of the large hauler sites continue to use Impact Plastics. Impact’s lids simply last longer. Remember, Buying Lids is Cheap, Replacing Lids is Expensive!


General Product Specifications

  • Walls – 12 gauge steel w/ “V” crimps
  • Floor – 10 gauge steel
  • Sleeves – 7 gauge “blunderbuss” w/ gussets
  • Bumper Plates – 7 gauge steel
  • Bottom Runners – 2 x 4 x 10 gauge steel
  • Side Doors – Lockable 16 gauge steel
  • Integrated, Formed Doors Tracks (top and bottom)
  • Drain Port (1.5″) w/ plug
  • Lids – single or double wall plastic
  • Interior Protective Coating – Exclusive “Bakers Guard”
  • Exterior Coating – 2mil primer + 2mil industrial enamel

Heavy Duty Upgrade Specifications

  • Walls – 10 gauge steel w/ “V” crimps
  • Floor – 7 gauge steel

Optional Features

    • Plastic Side Doors (vs. steel)
    • Metal Lids (vs. plastic)
    • Automatic or Manual Lid Locks
    • OCC (Cardboard) Recycle Slot (6″ x 60″)
    • Standard Mobile Casters
    • “The Glide” Custom Wheel System w/ Brakes
    • Epoxy Protective Coatings
2YD 35″ 71″ 39″ 525 LBS
3YD 49″ 71″ 43″ 645 LBS
4YD 49″ 71″ 55″ 730 LBS
6YD 60″ 71″ 69″ 940 LBS
8YD 79″ 71″ 73″ 1050 LBS
10YD 90″ 71″ 73″ 1250 LBS