BWE can transform an old chassis into a durable, like-new trailer at a fraction of the cost of an all-new trailer.

BWE builds “New Trailer Bodies” and installs them onto used trailer intermodal frames.

Once the entire unit is finished and painted, you will be challenged to tell the difference from an brand new trailer.

Save Money and Freshen Up Your Fleet!


  • Heavy Duty Trailer Bodies To Spec
  • Intermodal Chassis Frames Available
  • Turnkey Units Ready To Roll
  • Huge Savings Compared To New Trailers!


New Trailer Body is built and installed onto a flatbed or intermodal “used” chassis supplied by the customer

Alternatively, BWE Transport can source for purchase used intermodal chassis frames

Upgrades such as new or retread tires, new landing gear, safety stands, etc are also available upon request

Standard Dimensions and Custom Sizes Available

  • 40 to 53 feet long
  • 96 to 102” wide
  • 48” to 102” side heights

Trailers can be built to customer specifications or BWE industry heavy duty standards




Trailer Body Dimensions
Length 48 to 53 feet
Width 96 to 102 inches
Side Wall Height 48 to 102 inches


Trailer Body Materials / Features
Steel Side Walls 7 gauge (3/16″) steel
Steel Floor 1/4″
Cross Members 3″ channel on 12″ centers (Intermodal)
Side Ribs (Uprights) 6″ x 3″ x 10 gauge on 24″ spacing
Side Stiffeners 1 per side (Optional 2-3 per side)
Side Deltas 1 row per side (Optional 2 rows per side)
Dirt Shedders 1 row per side
Top Rails 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ tubing
Front Wall 1/4″
Tarp Rod 5/8″ round on sides
Other 100% Continuous Weld on interior


Door Materials / Features
Hinges Heavy Duty, Side Hinged Design
Latch Ratchet Latch System
Door 1/4″ steel w/ 3/16″ formed channel ribs
Debris Guard Plate 3/16″
Corner Posts 1/4″ formed channel


Paint Primed and Painted with Industrial High Solvent Enamel