Get aggressive compacting capacity in a small but powerful stationary compactor design!

The Pinnacle S-100 (24″ chutes) & S-125 (36″ chutes) Apartment Compactors provide excellent compaction in a very small footprint allowing it to fit in limited space applications.

The stationary compactor offers a nominal ½ cubic yd of capacity and packs into a mobile 2 yd receiver container which can be rolled into position to be unloaded with a standard front end load truck.

Standard features include a remote power unit, standard side ratchets creating positive closure, controls on the remote power unit face (remote pendant control also available), load hopper with side access door with interlock and open top for chute feed if required.


  • Powerful compactor in a small package
  • Design for apartment building waste streams
  • Space saver with small compactor and container layout
  • Easy access container disconnect
  • Containers designed with “glide wheel and brake” feature


123” L x 70” H x 45” W (Compactor w/ 2yd Receiver – Overall)

46” L x 70” H x 42” W (Compactor w/ hopper only)

72” L x 52” H x 45” W (2 yd Mobile Container only)


S100 Charge Box CapacityMfrs. rating 0.39 cu yd
WASTEC rating 0.28 cu yd
Clear Top Opening 22.5″L x 28′W
Capacity Per Hour 74 cu yd
Cycle Time 14 sec
Minimum Normal Force 13,900 lb
Minimum Pack-Out Force 16,400 lb
Min. Normal Ram Face Force 23.2 psi
Min. Pack-Out Ram Face Force 27.3 psi
Ram Penetration 4″
Tri-volt Motor: 208/230/460, 3-phase 5 hp
Control Voltage 120 VAC
Hydraulic Pump Capacity 6 gpm
Normal System Pressure 1650 psi
Maximum System Pressure 1950 psi
2 – Hydraulic Cylinders 2.5″ Bore, 1.25″ Rod

UL Label Control Box:

Remote Power Unit with controls mounted in the face of the box

Standard Controls: Keylock Start/Stop/Reverse;