Pinnacle by BWE designs and builds a custom line of Seal Pack Compactor Systems for special applications requiring high performance and containment of solid waste / liquids.

Seal Pack Systems provide the ultimate in compaction and containment by incorporating a “sealed, elevated connection” between a stationary compactor and receiver container. Applications include:

  • Solid Waste
  • Semi Liquid Waste
  • Small Particulate Waste
  • Fine Particulate Waste
  • Plastics, Paper, and other recycled waste


  • High Compaction and Containment
  • Maximum Payloads
  • Sealed Compactor To Receiver Connection
  • Contains Small Particles and Semi-Liquid Waste
  • Elevated Ram Discharge For Max Performance
  • Perfect For Auto “Air Feed”


  • Yields 2 to 4 times the compacted waste versus standard self contained compactor
  • Sealed connection between compactor and receiver contains waste during compaction
  • Elevated compactor discharge into the receiver provides ultimate compaction and containment of waste
  • Sealed primary and secondary receiver container doors capture hard to hold waste and liquids
  • Smaller ram face and extended ram penetration into the container yields superior compaction


SP-200 (2yd) Seal Pack Stationary Compactor:
Size 1.58 cubic yards (NSWMA 2yd Equivalent)
Overall Dimensions 174” long x 54” high x 66” wide
Clear Top Chamber Opening 64” long x 58” wide
Ram Discharge Opening 20” high x 60” wide x 34″ high off the ground
Ram Penetration 18” long
Ram Face 15” high x 60” wide
Ram Cylinder 6” bore x 4” rod x 83” stroke
Cycle Time 78 seconds
Power Unit Operating System PLR (Programmable Logic Relay)
Power Unit Motor 15HP Tri-volt (3 phase standard)
Power Unit Pump 12 GPM
Standard Controls Key Start Switch, Emergency Stop, Reverse (120V)
Normal Pressures / Force 58,000 lbs @ 2050 psi
Maximum Pressures / Force 72,000 lbs @ 2550 psi
Paint Finish 2mil primer coat + 2mil industrial enamel paint finish

The Ultimate in High Performance and Sealed Compaction
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